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Special Mortgage Deals

Excellent deals on 95% loan to value mortgages for First Time Buyers and those remortgaging.

Many High Street lenders are offering excellent deals to first time buyers with keen interest rates and free valuation and free legal fees and in some cases cashback with just a deposit of 5%. Get in touch to see what current deals are available.

Professional Mortgages

The professional mortgage is geared to cater for the following professions: Dentists, doctors, barristers, solicitors, vets, teachers, engineers, pharmacists, accountants. To qualify the applicant must be over 21 and be fully qualified though trainee accountants, trainee actuaries and trainee solicitors will be considered. The professional mortgage will allow persons to borrow up to 90% of property purchase price or valuation of the property - whichever is lower. The mortgage offers an offset facility which allows the borrower to use savings to help save money on their mortgage. They can also choose to benefit by reducing the term of the mortgage or reduce the monthly mortgage payment.

If the main mortgage taken out is less than the amount agreed by the lender a further amount can be applied for using the Further Advance scheme. This can be applied for once the mortgage has been running for 6 months.

For those looking to remortgage using the scheme there is a free valuation and also free legal fees or a £300 cashback.

Self Employed´╗┐

We also have deals for those in self employment who have just one years accounts plus a 12 month projection from their accountant.

The deals are competitive and offer fixed, discount and tracker rates and will allow anyone looking to buy a house the opportunity to do so earlier than anticipated. This deal also applies to those who have switched from employed to self employed status recently

Please call the office on 01274 673000 or mobile 07967 688708 or email us at or please complete the mortgage enquiry form and submit it to us for a quick response.

Mortgage In Retirement

In retirement but can't raise monies due to lack of earned income. No problem. We have lenders who will base income requirements purely on private and state pension income up to age 85. Please call the office for further details. on 01274 673000

Mortgages for those with a less than perfect credit history

Have you been refused a mortgage by the High Street lenders because of defaults or a county court judgement? Is so then we may be able to help. We have lending sources who will provide funding for those with a less than perfect credit history. We have access to a number of lenders who give a sympathetic ear to applicants who have been declined by the usual lenders. Each case is looked at individually. Give us a call on 01274 673000 or 07967 688708 to find out more or complete our online mortgage enquiry form.