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It can be hard work finding a lender who is sympathetic when applying for a mortgage when you have credit problems. But with competition increasing in the specialist mortgage sector we know that we have a lender who can help meet your mortgage needs.

Competition in the specialist lending sector is improving, so if you are having difficulty in obtaining a mortgage due to bad credit then don't worry.

We have a number of lenders helping those with less than perfect credit histories and sympathetic to your needs. We have lenders who will lend to the following:

  • Applicants with CCJ's
  • With defaults on credit commitments
  • With mortgage/rent arrears
  • Unsecured credit arrears
  • On Debt management Plans

We consider applications for mortgages, secured loans or bridging finance based on individual circumstances in order to provide better access to finance for real people. There's no credit scoring. All applicants will be assessed on a case by case basis.

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