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Struggling getting a Self-Employed Mortgage?

29th November 2018

If you work for yourself and are looking to remortgage or buy a new home; it's hard, but not impossible.

The key factor for self-employed workers is the need to prove your income to any mortgage lender you apply to. Most will want to see at least two years’ accounts or tax returns. The more accounts you can show the better.

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Do you need help with bankruptcy or an IVA?

12th November 2018

If you are you are in bankruptcy or in an IVA and looking to raise funds to pay off your creditors?

We have lenders who will advance funding on a second charge secured loan basis against a persons property. Up to 75% loan to value including first charge mortgage to pay creditors. All loans subject to affordability.

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First time buyers continue to struggle

28th October 2018

First-Time buyers across the UK are finding it a struggle to afford their first home. This seems to be an ongoing issue over many years.

Struggling to save the necessary deposit to get that keen interest rate? Don't worry, we're here to help.

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Increase in the Bank of England base rate

11th November 2017

The recent increase in the Bank of England base rate from 0.25% to 0.5% was expected within the financial services sector and for most mortgage brokers steps were taken to try and help clients avoid the increase in their monthly mortgage payments by placing new and existing clients onto 2 year and 5 year fixed rate deals before the majority of lenders increased their rates. For those still on a variable rate mortgage the increase will see across the board a monthly increase in their outgoings. For those on a variable rate mortgage of £150,000 this will see an increase of around £19 a month.

The recommendation to move to a fixed rate mortgage has been well foundered as the future, until the negotiations for Britain's exit from the EU have been fully completed, still poses a great many uncertainties for the market.

Look at what savings you can make with your mortgage

January 4th, 2017

The monthly mortgage payment is for most people their greatest financial outgoing. The fact that a mortgage can be a thirty year commitment with most people spending a large amount of their income meeting. It has been established that over half of people with a mortgage (58%) have never remortgaged to a better deal and that 2.6 million people feel their mortgage payments are too high with over a third of people (36%) staying on a variable rate. This leaves them prone to any fluctuations in the marketplace.

If we look at other major financial outgoings such as a car purchase and we took the same outlook we would buy the car at the first garage we came to. What most people do of course is shop around to find the best deal. It should be the same when looking for a mortgage or remortgage. Instead of you spending the time doing all the legwork, why not put matters in the hands of a mortgage broker. With the choice of hundreds of deals to look at a broker will find the deal that suits your circumstances and also save you a small fortune in the process. Doesn't it make sense to do so? Why not give us a call today to see what savings you can make.

Use an independent mortgage broker to reduce your costs

May 10th 2016

Saving money in todays market is most peoples priority and the one way of doing so is cutting back on what is, for most people, their most expensive monthly outlay and that is their mortgage payments. To try to do so as an individual is a time consuming process and never straightforward. What is the actual rate you will be paying? What are the costs involved? Will there be a valuation fee to pay? Is there an arrangement fee and what will the legal fees be? Is there a penalty if I decide to pay a lump sum off? By using the services of an independent mortgage broker all fees and costs will be fully explained and in many cases can be avoided. By talking things through with a broker whatever deal you are looking for will be found for you. So if you are wanting a trouble free mortgage or remortgage please give us a call.

Maximum mortgage maturity age increased to 85!

September 24th, 2015

The Nationwide Building Society, along with a number of other lenders, has decided to increase their maximum mortgage maturity age to 85 to meet increased demand. The maximum age the Nationwide will grant a new mortgage to is 80 with a 5 year term.

The new mortgage upper age limit is to cater for those customers who are asset rich with significant equity in their home who wish to borrow against it. Proof of retirement income will be required for those in or at retirement age.

A leading lending source, the Halifax plc, has written that 2016 first quarters trading has seen a 10.1% increase in house prices over 2015 figures. The years first quarters figures also show a 2.9% increase over the last quarters trading of 2015. Although the figures look promising there is a warning that the uncertainty surrounding the European referendum in June could soften the marketplace, but with demand for housing outstripping supply, prices are expected to continue in an upward trend.

On average it is taking first time buyers 3 years to save for a deposit

September 15th, 2015

According to recent research carried out by a number of high street lenders, it is taking on average three years for first time buyers to save a deposit for their first home. Research has also shown that First Time Buyers make up 45% of house purchase lending. Yet there are lenders on the market who still offer mortgages that only require a 5% deposit. Interest rates will be slightly higher but it allows individuals to purchase a house a lot sooner than expected and also saves on outgoings on rent. In many cases the cost of mortgage payment will less than the cost of rent.

Should you require further details about these schemes please call the office on 01274 673000 or mobile 07967 688708 or complete the online mortgage enquiry form.

Over seven million people over the age of 50 still with a mortgage!

Recent research has shown that there are over seven million people over the age of 50 still with a mortgage and they will need on average £50,000 to be mortgage free. The figures also show that one in seven people in their 70's are having to use their weekly pension to meet their monthly mortgage payment with an average £40,000 still outstanding tp pay.

There are though alternatives. By using the services of an independent mortgage broker they will be able to source keener rates for mortgages for individuals allowing overpayments to be made to reduce the term of the mortgage. One in three of those over the age of 5o say they have never tried to remortgage to a keener rate and stayed with their current lender who has not offered any alternatives.

Contact an independent mortgage broker to see what savings can be made on your mortgage as well as helping reduce the term of your mortgage. If you wish to contact us please call 01274 673000 or complete the mortgage enquiry form.

Good news for house buyers

Good news for house buyers. Last months house purchase figures rose to 69,220. This is the highest increase since February 2014 and a 0.7% increase over Julys figures. The figures have seen an upward trend since the General Election in May and shows the determination of buyers to secure a good mortgage rate before the expected increase in Bank of England base rate in the New Year.

A major high street lender has set aside an additional £1 billion over the next year for home buyers with a 5% deposit. With rates starting at less than 4% and fixed rate deals over 2, 4 and 5 years this is a positive move in the marketplace to help first time buyers. The deal is not part of the governments Help To Buy Scheme but is aimed fairly and squarely at the first time buyer. For further details please complete the online enquiry form or call the office on 01274 673000.